Keith and Elaine Stewart and Bob and Deb Kotowski

There are people whose lives will be touched as you pronounce blessing upon them.  What a privilege it is to extend the blessing of God to others.  Proclaim that blessing through your words, extend it through you hands and declare it through your prayers.

Hospitality initially greets and welcomes new and old persons in attendance of worship services. Our goal is to have people feel welcomed through active participation in social events, new members' luncheons, other ministries and/or others areas of interest.

We encourage people to offer assistance by simply making newcomers feel welcomed and as time  passes we hope people find Roeh Israel to be their place of worship.

Keith and Elaine along with Bob and Deb lead Hospitality and welcome any questions people may have regarding this ministry.

Introduce yourself, extend a handshake or share a smile. Remember you were once new in a strange place.



To contact Keith and Elaine or Bob and Deb please e-mail them at