Musical Worship


Craig Pearce

The music ministry has been blessed to have some of the most
dedicated and God honoring servants of Roeh Israel.  Truely, this
is a ministry of giving of oneself for the building up of the body
of Messiah.  Although, throughout the years the Lord blessed the
worship team with some very talented musicians, the primary focus
of the team is ministry. 

Please join us each Shabbat as we lift our voices together to
praise and worship our Lord

Craig Pearce has led the team (consisting of 4-7 members)
for many years.  We have had the pleasure of enjoying
the "melodies of heaven" as interpreted through the violin of the
Senior Pastor, Burt Yellin.  Along with the soothing intonations of
Elaine Stewart's flute, this team has truly been blessed.


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