Pastor/Rabbi Burt Yellin

Burt Yellin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He received his religious training in an orthodox congregation where he remained until he was fourteen years old. Although he always believed in God, as a teenager he began questioning his connection to traditional Judaism. In his seeking for God’s face, his investigation of many religions and “paths” led to frustration and emptiness.
Burt met his first wife in 1968. They left New York and settled in Atlanta, GA, and it was there that their search for God ended when they came to faith in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. Burt always found a certain irony in the idea that after so many years of searching to find God, he had to return to his roots, Judaism, to find peace.
Since 1985, Burt Yellin has been Pastor/Rabbi of Congregation Roeh Israel in Denver, Colorado. Burt’s first wife, Sylvia, went to be with the Lord in 1997. He and new wife, Mary, live with Burt’s son David on a ranch in the Denver area.

Pastor/Rabbi Bill Berg

Bill Berg was born on March 12, 1943, in Denver, Colorado. Bill grew up and was raised in a traditional conservative Jewish home in Pueblo, Colorado, where he attended high school and Southern Colorado State College. Bill attended synagogue and served as lay leader and Cantor at United Hebrew Center from 1965 until 1984 when he came to faith in Messiah Yeshua. He also served as President of Temple Emmanuel, Pueblo, Colorado, from 1981 to 1983.
Bill Berg received his Masters degree from Washington University, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Saint Louis, MO, in May 1972 and a MA degree in Public Administration from University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, in 1975.
Bill Berg was married to Elizabeth “Betty” Rosenberg on November 22, 1964. They have two children and are grandparents of four.
Bill worked for the Pueblo County Department of Social Services from April 1969 to December 1983 as a caseworker and Social Services Supervisor. In 1985, Bill attended the Evangelism Training Program of Chosen Peoples Ministries, and in 1987 received a Certificate of Ordination as a Licensed Messianic Rabbi from the International Alliance of Messianic Congregation and Synagogues. In June 1987, Bill Berg was ordained as a Messianic Pastor by Congregation Roeh Israel and served as the Messianic leader of Kehilat Sha’arit Yisrael (Remnant of Israel) Congregation, Colorado Springs, Colorado, until June 1991.
Pastor Berg joined Congregation Roeh Israel in June 1991 as Associate Congregational leader. From August 1993 until August 1998, he served as Southwest Regional Director of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.