Shofar Ministry

Burke Benton

The Shofar Ministry is made up of trained shofar blowers, who have been approved by the shofar minister, and who have been anointed to serve in this ministry. 

Churches in the Denver area often call upon the Shofar Ministry of Roeh Israel to provide shofar blowers for special events.  Roeh Israel shofar blowers have participated in Promise Keepers conferences as well. 


On occasion, the Dance Ministry or other ministries will partner with the Shofar Ministry in an outreach event to other congregations, or to the community at large.


To become a shofar blower, first contact Burke Benton, then training will be scheduled.  Anyone can request to be trained to be a shofar blower.  


Women are not excluded from this ministry.  The class is extensive.  It is a study of the shofar throughout Scripture, combined with practice and training regarding making the proper calls. Once anointed, that shofar blower may blow the shofar as a representative of the Shofar Ministry.


The Shofar is not a musical instrument.  It has many legitimate uses, among which are the call to worship of God’s people, the announcement of Holy Days, and announcing the end of fasting for Yom Kippur. 




To contact Burke Benton please e-mail him at